Dog Agility

Levels Agility Classes

Levels agility class are ongoing. You come out when you can and once you and your dog have learned the skills in one level you will graduate to the next.

Pre-requisite Level 3 Foundation Skills or equivalent

Level 1: Basic foundation skills. Getting on the Plank and staying there. Going through the 2x2 from 10 feet away and all the way around. Doing 1 jump off lead and looking for the jump. Staying with the handler. Playing with the handler and with a toy.

Level 2: 2 on and 2 off. 2 jump work off lead. 2x2 10 feet apart from any angle. Play with a toy. Toss the toy and have them return. Start line stays and recalls.

Level 3: Start teeter table to table. 2x2 coming together to 4 straight. 5 jump sequencing with pin wheels, grids and windows. Stays and table with down

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