Fit Pets Member Code of Conduct

The Fit Pets Dog Sport Association Members Code of Conduct describes expectations and obligations associated with membership. Membership is a privilege, and should be treated as such. As a condition of membership, all members of Fit Pets Dog Sports Association are required to conduct themselves consistent with the Members Code of Conduct, at any and all club-sanctioned activities, regardless of location. Fit Pets Dog Sports Association, and its associated place of membership may be referred to as the “Club” in this document.

The following Members Code of Conduct has been developed to assist members in achieving a level of conduct that will allow for the enjoyment, safety, and accessibility of membership Members must also agree to act in the best interest of Fit Pets Dogs Sports Association.

●  Members will practice fairness and honesty, and will encourage others to act in such an ethical manner without discrimination.

●  Members make available to the novice, the benefit of their knowledge, experience, advice, and service.

●  Members must report damages or concerns, either real or perceived, to a Director.

●  Members will refrain from public criticism of fellow members, volunteers, directors, or others participating in any activity at Fit Pets Dog Association.

  • Members will maintain, at all times, the confidentiality of all records and other confidential information of Fit Pets Dog Sports Association.
  • Members will respect the dignity of others and refrain from the use of profane insulting, or otherwise offensive language that constitutes harassment or abuse of others who are participating in any aspect of the Fit Pets Dog Sports Association’s membership or events.
  • Members will not use equipment that they have not been properly shown how to use, or without the direct permission of a Trainer or Director of Fit Pets Dog Sports Association. Use of nosework oils for scent training is not permitted in the club except in the presence of an authorized trainer.
  • Members must ensure all Equipment is returned to its correct storage location, in the same condition it was found.
  • Members are not to remove any equipment or material from the Club without the explicit permission of a Fit Pets Dog Sports Association Director or Trainer.
  • Members must disclose any potential or known issues of reactivity in their dogs upon purchase of membership.
  • Members must make every attempt to identify if their dog(s) are ill and not bring them to the Club to minimize transmission
  • Members are expected to try and resolve all personal conflicts in a respectful manner. If a resolution cannot be reached that is mutually satisfactory, members are to reach out to a club Director.
  • Members must understand that consistent barking can be disruptive and efforts should be made to prevent or deter this behavior.
  • Members must have their dogs supervised and in control at all times while at the Club or attending any event associated with Fit Pets Dog Sports Association.
  • Members will make all attempts to minimize dog-to-dog interaction (with the exception of dogs of the same household, or with the approval of a Director or Trainer).
  • Members should strive to maintain the best possible standards of environment and health care for their dogs.
  • Members are expected to report to Club Directors or Trainers, any cruel handling of dogs at any Fit Pets Dog Sports Association Event, Trial, or at the Club building
  • Members must use positive training methods while at the Club or at any event Associated with Fit Pets Dog Sports Association. This includes avoiding rough handling, physical punishment, or any type of interaction with a dog which could cause a dog physical or emotional discomfort or pain.Signed by:______________________________________ Date:________________________________


2024 Fit Pets Membership Form

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Are any dogs reactive or have behavior issues that require special accommodations for group classes? ___________________________________________________________________

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  • Private half hour practice time
  • Puppy Classes
  • Elementary/High School Classes
  • Advanced Obedience and/or Competition Obedience
  • Nosework Classes, Practices and/or Trials
  • Agility Classes, Practices and/or Trials
  • Rally Classes, Practices, and/or Trials
  • Specialty Classes/Seminars such as

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