Purpose and Goals of Fit Pets Dog Sports


The purpose of our club is to form a group of like minded dog owners and enthusiasts who want to train, work, and play with their dogs.  We want to share our knowledge, support, and experience with the general public and each other about living with dogs, dog training, and dog sports. Our club embraces those wishing to just having fun with their dogs, wanting to try new activities, and those who desire  to improve their dog training and handling skills, as well as those looking to actively compete. We wish to provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere that includes all breeds and mixed breeds, all sports, and all people, while encouraging safe and  humane handling and training techniques.

Our goals include to do everything reasonable to make a safe and welcoming place for people and dogs to play and learn; we wish for everyone to have a safe, well trained and well behaved dog; to enrich dog-owner relationships that are based on mutual respect and trust; to provide  a place where your dog’s training can be tested and certified, and to facilitate educational opportunities as well as various dog sports trials.

To this end, we encourage training that engages the dog’s body and mind, through positive reinforcement and play.  We encourage people to use equipment and aides  that are appropriate to the individual dog/handler team and to the type of training or activity that is being performed.   We will do all we can to provide the necessary hands-on education on safety, and ensuring equipment is used appropriately and training methods are suitable.