Club Rules

Rules and Conditions For Handlers

(Ranger Park Community Recreation Area)

  • All dogs must be on lead unless it is their turn to work.
  • If your dog leaves you to go to another person or dog then your dog must work on lead till they are trained enough to try off lead again.
  • Any play must be approved of by both handlers.
  • Sign in when you get there to get in the lineup for your turn to work.
  • If at all possible we will have 3-4 areas where your dog can work. Keep your dog in your area and not bothering another dog.
  • Your dog may be the nicest dog in the world but not all dogs are. Keep your dog on lead and away from other dogs unless it is mutually agreed.
  • When not working, your dog should be in a crate or tied so you can help with things that need to be done, or you can relax.
  • If you need help make sure that the other people know. Don’t go away without asking for help. We all need help at some time…
  • There are several people here who know about training dogs, they come to work their own dogs so don’t expect them to use all their time here instructing you unless you are willing to pay.
  • The equipment here is donated. Please be careful and try not to break it. Don’t use the equipment for something it wasn’t intended for.
  • When helping to set up equipment, give it a check to make sure it is safe and undamaged.
  • Not everyone will be required for set up or take down but help with at least one of these. Never leave the field with equipment still out.
  • If we are not having fun, why are we here??