Fit Pets Online Titles

You can earn titles in 4 sports:

  1. Agility FP-OA
  2. Nosework FP-ON
  3. Obedience (includes Rally-O & Pet Obedience) FP-OO
  4. Games (includes Tricks, Parkour, & other Games) FP-OG


Fit Pets Online Versatility Titles  FP-OV

  • Must achieve level titles in 3 out of the 4 sports (ie. 3 novice titles will get you the novice online versatility title)
  • different than our regular program but can be used towards the members only versatility program.


One trial a month for all sports (a different sport each week) for May, June, July & August 2020. If all goes well we may continue into the fall.

Each sport will have different levels and rules (Novice, Advanced, Elite)

You can start competing at whatever level you want. Ideally, try and jump in at the level you are competing at in other organizations.

All runs are on a pass or fail basis. There will be no placements awarded.

Premiums will be sent out on Mondays with a full list of what you will need to compete. You have until Wednesday to enter and pay. Course maps or exercises will go out to entrants on Thursdays. You will set up your run and video it and get the videos to us by Monday night. Judges will review the videos and all clean runs will be awarded a Q.

4 Qs in any sport will earn you a title for that sport and level.  There are no placements in our online trials. Qs will be awarded on a Pass or Fail basis.

Title certificates will be awarded and emailed to you so you can print them. At this time we will not be offering ribbons, but if interest is high we will consider ordering ribbons at the end of the summer an additonal fee.

  • Agility


Course types are based on yard size and number of obstacles – Small, Medium, Large

Small  – 3 or 4 obstacles

Medium – 6-8 obstacles

Large – full courses

Senior dogs can run any of the small or medium courses without bars or with lowest possible bars.

  • Nosework


– Judges MUST be able to see the dog’s alert behaviour for you to receive the Q

– you will need to tell us what your dog’s alert behaviour is on your entry

– dogs need to work independently. Handler needs to stay out of the search area and not direct your dog. Handler must be visible in the video for the entire run. If handler is not visible or seems to be directing the dog they will fail the run.

– off leash is preferred if in a safe area


Novice – Searches with a maximum of 10 items in the search area and 100 sq feet. Hide must be in a container. (Max 10 ft x 10ft)

Advanced – Searches with a maximum of 30 items in the search area and 225 sq feet. Search must have 2 hides and can include in the environment. (Max 15ft x 15ft)

Elite – Searches with no maximum number of items in the search area and maximum of 400 sq feet. Search must have 4 hides and can include in the environment. (Max 20ft x 20ft)


  • Obedience


You can achieve Qs in all or any of the 2 components to achieve the obedience title

Rally/Freestyle component 


Obedience Component  

  • Games




Games – Other fun games we invent to make things interesting


For more details on entering join our dedicated Facebook group or email if you are not on Facebook.