Elementary School

Let the hard work begin! Now it’s time to raise the bar and proof your dog’s behaviours. Sit and down can no longer be sloppy, dogs will be taught to remain in heel position and how to work under high distraction. This class will improve your dog’s focus and your ability to teach them more complex behaviours. This 4 week class is for dogs over 8 months old that are wanting to have their skills refined and proofed. With so many things to do with your dog, we want to help you teach your dog how to act appropriately in any situation. In this class you will learn things such as; Stand, re-call under distraction, stay under distraction, leave it and formal heeling. Proof of these skills are required to be presented before moving to the next class. Prerequisites: 8 months or older. Proof of vaccinations.

High School

Let’s talk etiquette. Now that your dog has all the skills, let’s apply them to real life. This is a 4 weeks class for dogs that have successfully completed Elementary school (or proof of equivalent skills). 

In this class you will learn things such as; Meeting other dogs properly, meeting people calmly, doorway etiquette and loose leash walking under high distraction. If your goal is to have a well behaved dog that you can take places and not worry about anything other than people telling you what a well behaved dog you have, join this class! When seasonally appropriate we will take you into the world and test your skills. All these skills are the basics of what you will need to start in any of our fun, College sports. 

Advanced Obedience

Your dog knows how to sit, down and heels fairly well, but you cannot help thinking both you and your canine partner can do so much better. Consider this class and learn how to get those straight sits, off lead heeling, back up while heeling, those beautiful pivots you see in the obedience and rally rings. Would you like to see your dog do a down on recall? How about retrieve a dumbbell to hand, both on the flat and over a jump! Obedience is really teaching tricks on a whole new level!

Class Schedule

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