This set of classes is influenced by exercises and ‘games’ from the ‘Naughty but Nice’ program by Absolute Dogs. We will work on teaching skills (Games) to improve your dogs focus, reliability and self control (impulse control).





What is a Naughty but Nice dog?

*overexcited and overaroused

*likes to chase, or stalk

*constantly trying to get attention

*may have a hard time staying calm

*reactive (please, no dogs with human or dog bite history, as we will be working alongside others)

*easily frustrated

*anxious or worried

*pretty much every dog is a NBN dog to some degree

Prerequisites: *dog must be motivated by toys or food *dog must know their name *you need to be able to work with a marker and release word (the dog should have knowledge of these)

PLEASE NOTE: if you are not familiar name game, or marker and release words, We can get you started with these before the first class)

*dog must know several behaviours (i.e.: sit, down, stand, or tricks)

*in fairness to your dog, they must be not be too stressed by the class setting, we want them to be able to learn something

*you must be committed to practicing the ‘games’ presented each class, as they become more advanced with each following class

*future class dates TBA when everyone is ready to move on. You will also learn about WHY dogs do what they do, and how we can help them. There will be up to 6 classes total, depending how fast the class progresses.



Visit the Class Registrations page to see when we are offering a NBN class and to register.