Specialty Classes

We offer a wide variety of specialty classes thorughout the year depneding on interest.

They include the following options. Plerase contact us if you are interested in any of these and we will offer the class once there is enough interest.

Naughty But Nice: This set of classes is influenced by exercises and ‘games’ from the ‘Naughty but Nice’ program by Absolute Dogs. We will work on teaching skills (Games) to improve your dogs focus, reliability and self control (impulse control).

Dog Parkour: Learn the fun sport of dog parkour also known as ‘urban agility’.

Tricks: Learn how to trian your dog to do fun tricks. We can also help you earn your trick titles.

Socialization: A great class for reactive dogs to help them function in situtations where they have to interact with other dogs.

…and more!

Let us know if there is a particular class that you would like to see and we may be able to offer it.

Class Schedule

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