Fit Pets Versatility Recognition Program


A shared joy of training is both admirable to behold and enriching for dogs and humans.

Participating in dog sports provides a motivation for continued training, a measure of skill and ability, and a way to improve the mental and physical well being of our canine companions.

The purpose of the Versatility Recognition Program is to:

  • Encourage owners to spend time training their dog
  • Encourage teams to train towards higher levels in their sports of choice
  • Provide recognition for diversely talented teams
  • Recognize teams who have made a special effort to support Fit Pets events throughout theirccompetition journey.


In order to apply for these awards, the owner must be a member in good standing of Fit Pets Dog Sports Association and an active participant in club activities. The awards are lifetime as opposed to annual awards, and achievements are thus accumulated throughout the life of the dog. Achievements are carried forward to higher level awards.

The Versatility Award requires a minimum of three achievements in 3 different sports categories.

Versatility Excellent requires a minimum of six achievements in 4 or more different sports categories, including at least one advanced (beyond novice) or greater title.

Versatility Master requires one champion level title and a minimum of 2 other advanced or higher level titles in other sports categories.

Additional requirements:

The primary handler must have participated at a volunteer or officiating level in at least one Fit Pets Dog sport competition during the calendar year in which the Award is applied for.

Any dog applying for a Fit Pets Versatility award must have earned at least some of the Q’s towards their eligible titles at Fit Pets hosted events.

The award may be applied for post-humously, within one year of a dog’s passing.

Other notes:

The award goes towards the dog so may be handled by multiple individuals on titles earned. However, at least one of the primary handlers must meet the volunteer requirements as noted above.

Sports Categories:



Rally O

Musical Freestyle




Dock Diving





Barn Hunt

Other (CGN, Therapy Dog, SAR)

Additional sport categories may be added as needed. The goals is that this program will recognize accomplishments in various skill sets, so for the purposes of the basic Versatlity Award, a dog who earns (for example) multiple novice titles in a single sport through various organizations will only count one of those as an achievement for that particular category. At the advanced level, more than one may count to achieve the minimum of 6 titles as long as at least 3 different sport categories are represented overall.

What kind of titles are eligible?

Any title that is issued through a reputable organization which requires video or in person objective judging may qualify.

Versatility Awards program administrators reserve the right to research criteria of any title that is submitted in order to verify that it meets specific standards of achievement and has been independently evaluated.

Member's Only Title Submission Form

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